About Centre for Research and Literature (CRL)

The Center for Research and Literature (CRL) was established in Turbat, Kech (Balochistan) during 2021, with the objectives to promote research and work for development of languages and literatures, with special attention on Balochi Language and literature.

As we all know, the Balochi Language has a vast history and has a very rich treasure in the shape of ancient /folk literature, both oral and written, but too little work has been done to collect, filter and publish them in a scientific and systematic way.

Further, substantial literary works have been done in other languages of the world including English, Russian, Arabic, Persian etc. which are yet to be collected and translated in Balochi and other local languages so that maximum literary data is made available for the researchers, educationist as well as for the public.

Similarly, the literature in Balochi also needs to be translated in other languages and made available to the world for enhancing the collective knowledge and wisdom of the society. Another field needing particular attention is to find out the historic and present linguistic connections and relationships of Balochi language with other languages of the world.

These and many related fields of studies are to be focused by the Center for Research and Literature (CRL) with the aim to produce literary outputs which fully meet the universal values and standards.

The Organization

The CRL is a non-profit seeking literary body having no affiliation with any political or state-run body; however, it will seek financial assistance from the relevant bodies of the Government and national or international bodies to continue its activities after fulfilling all legal and procedural requirements.

Mr. Ghulam Farooq Baloch is its pioneering Chairman of Governing body and the head of the Executive Committee. A Board of Governors and an Executive Committee has been formed to run its operational and administrative activities.